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Broke the 4:30hr Marathon mark at Hyderabad “Flyover” Marathon

This is just a quick and dirty post ! I will write a detailed race report on my Hyderabad “Flyover” Marathon experience shortly. First, arguably this is the toughest city marathon in India and definitely the toughest full marathon I have ever run. Pleased to report that I recorded a personal best time of 4hr19min12sec at this event. This is a 20min improvement on my time set at Mumbai earlier this year of 4hr38min31sec.  I placed 5th in my age category, 37th in the gender category and 40th overall. My first “result page 1” finish 🙂

In February 2012 I started a new marathon training program with the objective of doing a 4hr marathon by February 2013 the fact that I have reached the mid-point is greatly satisfying. Also watch-out for my post on my marathon training. Maybe you can pick-up some tips from it.

Ok, enough chest thumping !


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