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Free Running Shoe Giveaway (SHOES NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

I have two pairs of shoes. Both almost brand new which came to me for testing. One is a Reebok ONE Cushion (Size UK 10) and the other a Puma Mobium Elite (Size UK 9). I am not using these shoes so want to give them away to someone needy (dedicated HM/FM runner who cannot afford expensive shoes).

I would request you (especially the coaches out there) to please recommend who these shoes should go to.

The Reebok ONE Cushion will work best for a heavier runner (75+kgs) who has a low to flat foot arch. The Mobium Elite will work best for a light and fast runner with a high foot arch.

Please comment or message me with your recommendations. I want to give these away asap so the runner can also train in them for ADHM14 or SCMM15.

I will ship them for free anywhere in India.

Photo below (circled in yellow).

Shoe Giveaway


The Gul Panag incident at ADHM 2010 – Digging a little Deeper

Ok, many of you must be wondering why am I writing about this rather than about the details of my run at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on the 21st!? Let me explain why –

First, I ran the Delhi Half Marathon in 2hr04min22sec, the reason I tell you this is because I think I have some explanation for what happened to Gul Panag. Why am I trying to explain this? Because a message like the one Gul tweeted and several papers and TV channels carried through the last two days does some pretty serious damage to the running culture among women in India which has emerged so strongly over the last few years – and this disturbs me !

Gul ran her race in 2hr25min26sec. You can confirm this by entering her bib number 9175 at I am pretty sure that Gul was harassed in the last 4-5 kms. More on this a little later.

I am a serious runner; Male and 46 years old. Anyone even attempting a half marathon (21.097km) or more has to be a serious runner since running this sort of distance requires a commitment to a certain level of training and also clear focus on the goal. Being a serious runner and having run a hard race I can tell you with some authority that no one running this sort of distance has the time or inclination to think of groping/molesting women. I have run 4 of the Delhi half marathons till date besides several other marathons around the country, I have never ever seen or observed or even heard of a single incident of groping or molestation at a marathon event before this one.

Now my explanation – Another run starts at around 9am – the Great Delhi Run. This is a 6km run which attracts thousands of people. This is a run for NON-serious runners; people (read as ‘men’) out to have some ‘fun’. Every year the marathoners who are finishing after 2hrs get harassed by this crowd – many run over to the other side of the road and create problems by blocking/obstructing the finishing marathoners. Last year (and the years before that) I finished in 2hr13min and got caught in this melee. This year because of my faster time I caught them while they had still to ‘warm-up’ to their fun! So my theory is that Gul got caught in the middle of this horde of hooligans !

I can also tell you that anyone who finished after 2:15 couldn’t even get their finishers medal at the finish since by that time the “hooligans” had overtaken the entire area (have a look at the message on the website, the organisers have acknowledged this). I personally saw (as I was leaving the area) that medals were being snatched away and the Lucozade (Energy drink) stall was being mobbed & almost looted !

It would be interesting if we could verify this with Gul (incidentally I have also written to the Hindustan Times reporter about this, let’s see if she follows-up on the story). Many serious runners like me would feel really disappointed if serious runners were out to “harass/molest” women during such a race!

Yes, I do agree with Gul that this sort of incident would have never happened in Mumbai (serious or non-serious runner not withstanding). Many men in & around Delhi are louts and just can’t control themselves.  But also it’s for the organisers to ensure that the race participants can finish safe. A simple step would be to keep different finish/start points for the marathon and Delhi run.

At the Mumbai marathon – the Half and Full start from different points altogether and although they end at the same place the times are pretty spread-out. And it’s the same organisers !

As you can see this did bug me 🙂


Zip, Zap …. fuusssss – The Case of the Missing Energy Drink

Was elated when I got a mail several weeks before the 2010 Mumbai Marathon about Lucozade being the official energy drink for the Mumbai Marathon. No, I “didn’t get wings” but did feel good that finally there would be a real energy drink at the marathon instead of the “electral ghol” that was being served up for several years.

Since the advise of the marathon sages (gurus, whatever…) has always been – don’t try any food or drink at the marathon that you haven’t used before in a few long runs – I set out to find myself some bottles of Lucozade in Delhi. Several emails to the organisers, potential retailers, websites and visits to health shops later..I realised that this drink is just not available in India, let alone Delhi.

Pretty disheartening – So why spend a ton of money on advertising and sponsorship for a product which no one can buy? The wisdom of GSK’s marketing eludes my puny brain…

Come Expo day, I was strolling through the stalls and lo & behold – The Lucozade stall !! Will wonders ever cease ?! A PYT asked me to turn my bluetooth phone on so that they could beam me a quiz; and for answering correctly the reward – an elusive bottle of Lucozade to carry back with me !!

Ok, this is fantastic, I say to meyself…I can try this thing on my taper runs before Sunday and hopefully it will agree with my tummy. Questions to the PYTs and several other people at the stall however started creating some doubts – how will you serve this at the race, which flavour, etc, etc. – was given a look –  “someone get this crazy guy back into the asylum he escaped from, what language is he talking, what race, what stalls on the roads, serve what….”. Hmmm

That didn’t deter me though, tried out the drink – actually tasted pretty good, better than the other more popular and more easily available drink from the Y-Gen company. Race Day….Mumbai heat, dehydration, frantically searching for the yellow and orange bottles of life saving Energy Drink…..Ask for it at the water stop and something is thrust into my hands…relief !? …….NOOOOOOoooooo not again, it’s the dreaded “electral ghol”. Anyway gulp it down.

Never saw Lucozade in that race.However I know now (a little birdie told me, well actually a comment by a fellow runner on my previous blog) that it was there, well hidden from the amateurs – reserved, like the road was (ok for a brief period..), for the ELITE !!

This time again there is hope (false?) that the sponsor will actually make available the drink not just at Mumbai but also at the Airtel Half in Delhi to the “Aam Runner”. Where does the hope come from, you ask? Well look at the Delhi route map and you see two type of drink stations – the kingfisher bottled water ones and a couple (or is it three) energy drink stations ?……. or will the gho(u)ls have their revenge again…nooooooo…

Cheers to our energy, and to the organisers for showing us such dreams 😉

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