Inspiration Behind this Blog

What’s the inspiration for this blog?

I started running around 2005. I decided to run my first Marathon sometime in early 2009 (I had run a few half’s before) and choose the Mumbai Marathon 2010 as my goal. As I was running the Mumbai Marathon street children almost along the entire route were cheering the runners and I was quite surprised to hear them shouting “Run-India-Run” or “Go India”. That’s how the name happened.

Over the past years & while preparing for my first marathon what really frustrated me is the lack of resources in India (physical and digital) to help runners like me. I hope that over time this blog will help me offer runners resources & advise, besides allowing me to share  experiences on the joy and pain of running in India.

Run Strong – Sandeep

  1. hi sandeep…i stumbled upon ur blog while trying to look for some info regarding running in delhi..
    will b glad if u can give ur mail id as i would like to inquire few things regarding running …


  2. Hi Sandeep…Excellent blog…lot of information available which is really helpful for newbie runners like me. Keep it up.

  3. I am travelling to Hyderabad in 5 days and I am worried about running attire. Can I wear shortds to run? I need to run 6-7 miles 4 times per week. I do not want to offend, but it is HOT and I am not used to running in long pants. I am willing to purchase a shirt, but would rather just run in the shorts I wear in the USA.

    • Hi Scott,

      Is this your first trip to India? I am not sure what gave you the impression that shorts would be inappropriate running wear in Hyderabad?!. There is a very large and vibrant running community in Hyderabad, India (unless you are asking about the Hyderabad in Pakistan?) which runs (both men and women, of all size, shapes and ages) in all sorts of weather appropriate running clothes.

      So yes, by all means, bring you shortest shorts and smallest singlets along and run to your hearts content in Hyderabad. It’s going to be pretty hot and humid in June so just make sure you always have some water with you. And yes, if you are planning to do road-running be mindful of the sometimes chaotic traffic 🙂

      Enjoy your trip!


      • Sandeep

        Thank you for your reply. Yes, this is my first trip to India and I have enjoyed your blog since stumbling on it in preparation for my trip. It not your blog that concerned me about shorts, rather a few Indian Etiquette sites indicated the issue. As running is a bit of a life priority, I wanted to ensure that I would not stick out as a tourist (except for my blond hair, blue eyes and pasty white skin tone). I hope for a return business trip in September to run the Hyderabad Heritage Marathon. It would be my first outside of the US. Thanks for the water reminder, I think I will bring my fuel belt.

        Best Wishes

        • Hi Scott,

          Some of these “etiquette” sites can be a bit over the top!

          There are two marathons in Hyderabad around Aug/Sept time. Hyderabad Marathon on 25th August 2013 and in September the Heritage Marathon. The first one is more popular and from my experience they seem more organised (registration, marathon date, etc is sorted out months in advance). However having said that the Heritage marathon is AIMS certified and a fairly flat course. The Hyderabad Marathon has a killer course full of flyovers and steep hills (I did this one last year). It is actually billed as the toughest road race in India. August is probably a few degrees cooler because of monsoon rains.

          There is another marathon during September in Mysore (a few hours by road from Bangalore, you can actually take the official race bus from Bangalore for this) called the Kaveri Trail Marathon. This is also nice and well supported in case you want to experiment.


  4. Sandeep,

    Thank you for this blog. I am traveling to India in January (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Hyderabad).

    I have never been to India and am wondering about any suggestions/advice you have for me. I typically run 8-12 miles a day. Also, any food I should so I don’t have stomach issues? Shorts shorts will be fine (I have various bright colored shorts) and a tank top. Is shirtless ever okay?


    • Finding an appropriate place to run 8-12miles in Agra and Jaipur would be a challenge unless you like going around in circles in a park. Problem is narrow roads and dense traffic. Best is to ask your hotel or local host for advice on nearby routes. However in Delhi and Hyderabad you should normally not have any issue finding wide roads with sidewalks (or lesser traffic) for running. Running in shorts and singlets is not an issue. I wouldn’t advise running shirtless. January is going to be cold, -2 to about 10 deg celsius (except in Hyderabad which will be significantly hotter), so you might want to consider something a little warmer.
      As far as food is concerned I would generally avoid any raw food, and street food which may be too spicy for your digestive system to handle. Bottled water is easily available and that’s what you should drink, running and otherwise. Tap water is generally not suitable for drinking. Beware of stray dogs while running especially in Agra, Jaipur and Hyderabad – they can be a little aggressive.
      Have a good and safe trip.

  5. Neil Nagwekar

    I’d like to register my amazement toward this blog. It’s brilliant and at brief moments, inspirational. I was wondering if I could benefit from your advice?

    I am new to running. It’s being a pain because I had an idyllic lifestyle, which means that my body takes a long time to recover. I have been doing warm-ups and cooldowns on my limbs, leading to some, but not enough positive effects. Any suggestions sir?

    • Neil,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Initially the body may take a longer time to adapt especially since your aerobic capacity builds more quicker than the tendons, ligaments and muscles. Take things slow and steady and don’t be in a hurry to add distance week to week. Keep the distance unchanged for 2 weeks. Every 3rd week cut back the distance by about 10% and then add back more. This would look something like this week to week 10k, 10k, 9k, 11k,11k,10k,12k,12k,11k…till you start feeling that your body is now ready for more. Then maybe 12k,14k,12k,14k,16k,14k,18k,20k,18k….
      Warm-up, cool-down stretches and hydration are also key to recovery, so continue with these.
      Beyond this it’s difficult to comment on recovery and training unless I know more about you like age, weight, how long you’ve been running, weekly kilometers, etc.
      Write to me on runsandeeprun(at)gmail(dot)com with these details and will be happy to offer more suggestions if I can.

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