Donate Your Old Shoe and/or Running Gear

This idea came out of two shoes that I don’t currently use and therefore wanted to donate to a dedicated runner in need.

Many a times we come across a promising runner who cannot afford expensive running shoes or gear. Much of our own gear is changed while it still quite usable.

I have hosted a “Virtual Running Shoe & Gear Bank” on a Facebook event site. If you have a running shoe or gear you can give away for free then please add the details to this spreadsheet.

If you know someone in need you can recommend a shoe/gear from the list and get the owner and recipient to connect (phone, FB, email,etc).

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of going to Facebook or face problems in accessing the spreadsheet, just leave the details of your donation in a comment below and I will take care of the rest.


About Sandeep

Consultant, Mentor, Headhunter & Leadership Evangelist.

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  1. Raguraman Thulasiraman

    Hello Sandeep, I have a pair of shows with size 9 (men). Let me know how can i donate those.

    • Hi Ragu,
      Are these running shoes? You can send by courier to me and I will hand them over to someone deserving here. I’ll drop you a separate mail with my address.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  2. I do have adidas running shoes.please share whether you can collect them or I do need to courier them to your office. I am from Haryana.

  3. Hello sir, my self Amit rathod, I m long distance marathon runner. I need a proper shoes for my practice. I belongs to farmer family and expensive shoes can not afford me. Please do such little help. Waiting for reply.

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