Reebok ONE Cushion Charity Auction


Sometime back I had reviewed the Reebok ONE Cushion. If you have not read that review then do go back to my October & November posts and read them. For those of you who have already read it you would remember that due to my running style I personally will not be using that shoe.

Instead of letting the almost brand new shoe (run only 44 km in it) just sit in my closet I have decided to put it to some good use.

I am auctioning this shoe with the entire proceeds from the auction going to the charity – “Handicapped Children’s Rehabilitation Association” (HCRA – a registered charity which I have been supporting for several years. The shoe is a men’s size US 11/UK 10 (photo & colour as below). If you win the bid for the shoe there are multiple benefits – First you get an opportunity to get the shoe at less than its MRP  of Rs. 8,999 (if no one bids higher); second you contribute to a good cause and third you get 50% income tax rebate u/s section 80G (the charity will give you a receipt).

Here are the rules. Please read them carefully before bidding.

  1. This will be a bid (and lottery if required) based auction.
  2. A person can make a bid of any amount of Rs. 6,000 (minimum bid) or a higher amount in multiples of Rs. 250.
  3. If you are the highest bidder for the shoe you will automatically win it. If there are multiple bids at the same amount then your name will go into a lottery.
  4. You can make a bid by going to the comments section below and mentioning your amount and name. You can make as many bids as you want during the bidding period however subsequent bids have to be equal to or higher than the last bid made.
  5. Bidding period will be from today till 2pm on the 30th Nov Saturday
  6. If required a lottery will be drawn in the second half of 30th Nov Saturday and winner will be announced on various FB  groups and my blog by the 30th November Sunday.
  7. The bid winner will have to send me a bank draft/pay order in favour of “Handicapped Children’s Rehabilitation Association” within 7 days of intimation from me. The shoe will be shipped to the bid winner after receipt of the same.
  8. In case the winner does not send the bid amount to me within 7 days. The next bid will win or a new name will be drawn from the lottery.
  9. Formal receipt from H.C.R.A. (to allow tax deduction u/s 80G) will also be sent to the winner.
  10. Bidding is open only to people resident in India and who have an India shipping address.
  11. No implied or expressed warranties for the product. Please bid entirely at your own risk.
  12. I reserve the right to amend these terms (if absolutely needed to) or withdraw/stop the auction (again only under attenuating circumstances).

I hope you will all support this good cause and also try to win this shoe from Reebok.


Reebok One Cushion

Reebok One Cushion (US11/UK10)


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  1. Dear Sandeep,

    I found your review really helpful.

    It would be great if you could review adidas enery boost and the nike flyknit lunar 2.


    • Thanks NDB.
      Yes, would like to review those shoes as well. But right now I have two shoes waiting on the sidelines the Skechers GoRun2 M and the Puma Mobium Elite. Once I have reviewed those I will definitely look at other shoes.

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