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Bhati 100 – Ultra race in the Aravalli’s

Ran an amazing race yesterday – the Bhati 100. This is part of the Globeracers extreme running events. It’s a 100 mile (that’s the 100 in Bhati 100) race right in the middle of rough, thorny and a pretty hot Aravalli hills on the Delhi-Faridabad border. I personally ran the two person 30mile relay and am happy to report that we stood first. Now before you say CRAZY. Read this excerpt from a conversation with a roadside vendor when I asked him for directions to the start point of the Bhati 100 yesterday – This guy was obviously educated since he could read my name off my running bib and asked – “Is there a race”, I said “Yes”. “How long is it” – I was in a bit of quandary with this one since it could be 30, 50 or 100 miles. I decided to go with the extreme – “160 kilometres”. He now shows his knowledge which stumps me a bit – “160km yah 42km” – so he has heard of marathons! “160km” – I repeat. “160km, no person can run so much. Is it a car race !”. “No people will be running from now till tomorrow morning”. Sudden realisation – “Oh. Ok, is it an Army race” – he understands them doing extreme stuff. “No it’s not an army event, just regular people”. He is now completely foxed, suddenly I see his face light up, he has got it! – “How much is the prize money?”. Me – “Nothing”. He is completely bewildered – People want to run 160km; they are not in the Army and there is no prize money!!!

“INSPIRED IDIOTS” was the slogan on the race Tee for Bhati 100. I think that says it all. Hats off to the 100 milers some of whom are still running as I write this !

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