Campaign to tweak the Mumbai Marathon 2012 route

Everyone who has run the Mumbai Marathon will understand what happens near the 25-30km mark – The SEA-LINK BRIDGE is what happens !!

This is a real killer since you have a stretch of about 6kms to cover where there is absolutely no shade and also for most runners they are hitting the “Marathon Wall” distance, that dreaded distance at which the body wants to give up whatever the pace. Also for most moderate and slow runners (4 to 6hrs) this is the time when the heat is really strong adding to the misery.

I want to somehow convey to the organizers for Mumbai Marathon 2012 – Please, let us cross the bridge first and then come back via Bandra. So essentially the route would be Worli Dairy – INS Trata Circle – Sea Link – Mahim – Hinduja – INS Trata…. instead of Worli Dairy – INS Trata Circle – Hinduja – Mahim – Sea Link – INS Trata….

This would mean the following –

  1. You’re hitting the bridge much earlier in the run when the legs are still fresh.
  2. Your heat exposure is to a 8am or so Sun instead of a 10am Sun.
  3. And all the above doesn’t happen around the 25-30km “wall” mark but much earlier.

All those in favour please vote/comment and also let’s figure out a way to petition the organizers. Maybe we start posting to or writing to A modified version of the above could be sent to the organizers by all who agree to this route change.


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