Abandoned Ships – Attack of the Hooligans

If you have read my notes on “Water over-the-bridge…” well here is another crib.

I admit it – I am a slow runner – I ran the Mumbai marathon in over 5 hrs. Anyway, Mumbai, Jan 2010 was my first full marathon so the goal was just to finish it. The Rajiv Gandhi bridge almost killed that aspiration!! But the proverbial last nail in the coffin (almost) was the ordeal afterwards.

As I finally crossed the bridge and turned to the left I spotted some water on the OTHER SIDE of the road, ok no problems, just take the u-turn further ahead and come back, just another 10-12 minutes or so. Thankfully some forward ‘looking’ volunteers saw our “I am about to die now” faces and threw some water bottles across the central verge. The best drink I’ve ever had !! This time I asked them to throw across an extra bottle which I tucked into my shorts.

There was still a good 9 kms to go (if I recall correctly) and the sun and heat weren’t getting any better. As I moved further ahead the small water bottle soon finished, no problems, I remember seeing a water station near the Mahalaxmi race course. Soon enough I spotted it from a distance. Hmmm….. looks like a lot of thirsty racers want water, I thought, as I could see a fairly big crowd near the station.

As I neared, I realised what was happening – I am not sure if the ship was abandoned first and the hooligans attacked later or the ship was abandoned because the hooligans had attacked. Anyway no volunteers in sight anywhere, all I can see is the “Aam Junta” carting away cartons full of water bottles, I couldn’t make them give up even one bottle !! Still a good 6 kms to go !!

I think I was hallucinating after that (dehydration) since I don’t remember seeing any water stations afterwards, although I think someone gave me a bottle of water on marine drive which helped me get to the finish – Yeah !!

Organisers ! – this is an amateurs race, a lot of people will finish in 5 hours or more …. Please, please let there be water and some volunteers who will not abandon the ships 🙂


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